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1. aaaasa

2. Ellie

3. Edgar

4. Keeper

26-11-2020 Thank you small-tool soooooo much for this wonderful riddle!

                     Had A Lot of fun playing through the amazing levels :)

26-11-2020 Thanks again S-T, for another amazing journey! I do agree this was your

                     best riddle so far. I hope the well isn’t as dry as you think :)

26-11-2020 Excellent riddle full of many original ideas. Thanks Small-Tool!

26-11-2020 Well done on this riddle, really enjoyed the original and creative ideas.

                     I hope the way we made up our own hints gave you more ideas to create

                     new riddles :)

5. BlackFiresong

26-11-2020 Thank you so much for this wonderful riddle, S-T! I really hope it's not

                     the last one and that your incredible brain continues to come up with ideas forevermore. But if it is the last one, it's been a bloody good sendoff, and I'm proud to have played through it with such a wonderful, helpful and supportive group of people :)

6-9. team:

Brain Candy TNG

- Angua

- MishuAnubis

- Shaharc

- TurningTides

26-11-2020 Very sneaky levels, lots of original ideas. We had fun along the way,

                     and really hope you will reconsider and create more.

10. Puffin

26-11-2020 Thanks so much for the riddle. It was fun and very challenging. A great

                     diversion at this crazy time!! I appreciate all of your hard work in making it!!!

11. LinR

12. Laurie W

13. Bojan

14. Vikkih152

26-11-2020 Absolutely Brilliant!  Extremely tricky and devious.

28-11-2020 This was definitely a lot more!  I think I got stumped even more often than

                     on your previous riddles.  If this was your last riddle, it was a terrific finish.  I do hope, though, that perhaps the well will be recharged and we will see more of your brain-numbing tricks in the future.

29-11-2020 Great Riddle!

29-11-2020 Thank you, so much...a brilliant, fun, but tricky,

                     journey through incredible levels.

15. Sweet Meat (Chael615)

29-11-2020 Superb (hopefully not) final riddle small-tool!  You keep torturing us yet we keep coming back for more!  Well done, sir!

16. Tinned Vegitable

30-11-2020 Thank you small tool very much for making this incredible riddle. I had a lot of fun playing it and I really missed those fun times knowing that this could be your last one. But I still hope to see you creating new riddles in the future and may the muse be with you.

17. Minkie2020

30-11-2020  So much fun - and frustration - Small-Tool!

                      Brilliant riddle made with great imagination. Thanks for this and for all your wonderful riddles. And thanks to everyone for the help along the way.

18. Puzzled

1-12-2020  Thank you very much Small Tool.  You keep outdoing yourself at every riddle.

                   I can't imagine the amount of work involved in creating these wonders. If you reconsider the possibility of making more riddles, I'll be so happy that I promise I'll never complain about the pyramid again.  Never.  Palabrita del niño Jesús 😊 Also, thanks everyone for leaving so many helpful comments.

19. Pipi

1-12-2020  Small-tool,  thank you for the incredible riddle.

                   I really, really hope it won't be the last one.

20. pel45

5-12-2020  Many thanks for a great set of puzzles.

21. Ceebee

6-12-2020  Thank you so much for making this for us in these unsettling times. It's just the

                    kind of distraction that is needed. Hopefully the bonuses will keep me

                    distracted for quite some time (I'm sure they will if I manage to find them) LOL!!

22. Veri

6-12-2020  I AM looking forward to your next riddle! It was very good and very smart.

                    You did a great job. Thanks a lot for it. We all needed it.

23. Jay

8-12-2020  Many thanks for this great riddle, I really enjoyed it!

                    I truely appreciate the great effort that you always put into them.

24. Amy

9-12-2020  This was my first ever Small-Tool riddle and I hope it won’t be my last!

                    Thank you S-T for this wild ride and to everyone who helped me along the way!

25. patty3ponies

9-12-2020  Thank you small-tool for the thought, time, and toil you put into this

                    great riddle.  It was wonderful!  Now can we talk about this 'swan song'.

                    Most of us would be very happy to see any riddle you conjure up.

                    I don't think the greylag goose has finished honking yet!

26. Hancock

9-12-2020  Wow! I feel so grateful to ST for constructing this mind blowing riddle and to

                    the generous and kind puzzlers who led the way.  I had tons of fun and look forward to diving into some of your older riddles.

ST, you deserve a happy riddle retirement. Bravo and Thank you!

27. BucksDack

28. Molly Lena

29. hugoke

12-12-2020  Thanks for the awesome riddles!  I enjoyed this one a lot!

                      Very challenging and fun!  On to the bonus levels now!

16-12-2020  Thanks so much for the riddle S-T !!  very good !

19-12-2020  Many congratulations, Small-Tool, with this wonderful riddle. It’s another

                      masterpiece created by a great maestro!!! Thank you very much !!!
I hope – from the bottom of my heart – that this won’t be your last one. I’m confident that you will find the inspiration to create another challenge. J

30. Namchokdef

24-12-2020  Thank you, ST! These 111 levels were really fun,

                      although my performance was a bit shy in the last few levels, and

                      missed many stuff, I still had a really good time.

                      Thank you so much, ST, and everyone. Have a happy holidays!

31. Fossa

28-12-2020  This time, I forbade myself to solve more than one or two levels a day

                       in order to prolong the fun and pleasure of your riddle. So I managed to stretch the pleasure for almost a month and a half. And there are bonuses ahead, yeeeeee))
ST, thanks a lot. You are a great master. I don't believe that this is the last one. I am sure that you will delight us more than once with your adorable riddles in future.

32. jpete

30-12-2020  What at great riddle!

                       I certainly could not have finished without all of the help of everyone else.  
                      Thank you for your patience in helping me with all of my questions.

33. rbud57

1-1-2021  I laughed, I cried, I pulled some hairs, swore off it, came back again,

                experienced great satisfaction, and then did the same a few more times, haha!
Great riddle, first one I've finished in years, good to know I've not completely lost my touch.
Thanks so much to S/T and everyone else for all the hints and entertainment!

34. Di999

23-1-2021  Thanks for all the entertainment, bewilderment, frustration and finally joy. It has

                   been wonderfully distracting this year. I have also learnt a lot from all the Googling I’ve had to do! Many thanks to you and all the people who have given help along the way.

35. Ditg

26-3-2021  Thank you for the riddle.  It made me laugh, made me cry, made me rip my hair out sometimes but in the end it was worth it.

36. tialuisa

20-4-2021  Thank you for this wonderful riddle, filled with creativity, imagination and humor, and amazing levels ranging from "I think I can do this on my own," to "If I live to be 100 I still won't have a clue!"   Congratulations on this great success!

37. Dutchie

29-4-2021  This riddle was a journey full of ups and downs and the accompanying emotions. Sometimes it was difficult for me to climb out of such a 'valley', but I finally managed to make

it to the finish. Thank you all, for the very helpful hints (and words of encouragement) in the comments on EG24.
And of course a huge 'thank you' to small-tool for creating this riddle for us. A masterpiece with a wide variety of original levels, great pictures / gifs and lots of humour.
Also big thanks for all the help etc.
You can rest on your laurels, but I secretly hope that you don't give up on making riddles completely!
But... I have said this before in another riddle, without success though, don't EVER make a pyramid level again!!

38. Caroline

4-6-2021 This was the first riddle of yours that I've done and I'd long heard good things
                 about it from so many, and man, did I have fun!
                 I thoroughly enjoyed the puzzles - they were unique!
                 Loved the bonuses, as well.  Now I'm off to try your other riddles.

39. giovanni

6-6-2021  Wow, what a game, it took me forever, but I have had an absolutely fantastic
                  time playing it, even though Level 110 (and probably other levels) nearly broke
                  me! Thanks so much, S-T. for all your momentous hard work making it- you are
                  definitely a genius. Thanks also to everyone who gave me hints and to all the
                  amazing players who came before me, whose ideas I used. Here's to the next
                  one, please don't let it be the last!

40. mtatt100

22-6-2021  Hi Small better late than never. Some seriously twisted puzzles but had a blast.
                   Thanks for making them

41. Jan

23-6-2021  Very glad❣  Even though I had given up, I was able to reach the goal!😂
                    At Level 14, I couldn't proceed at all and gave up for a long time.
                    However, I got help from a Japanese Riddle friend.  ありがとう。
                    And I respect the steady efforts of small-tool. Thank you ❣ 

42. Maestro69

6-1-2022  Amazing riddle, thank you ST! I'm working on a riddle in blue now :)

43. Dushka


44. umsyt

26-11-2022  Terrific! Hidden admiration, never kerfuffling.
                      Yearlong outsmarting, unscrambling
                      troublesome occupations. Overmultitude luminosities!

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