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Just in case you never played an online-change-the-url-riddle:
You put your answer (to progress to the next level) in the (end of the) url.
Right now the last word (
after the backslash) in the url is 'somerulesetc'
On level 1 you will see that last word is 'firsts'

That's a big hint what to pick on that level to get an answer :) but it's also the word you need to replace with your answer word.
Never use spaces and never use capital letters in your answer.
If it's the wrong answer, you get a page with a cat.
If so, then go back (
in your browser) and try a better answer.


It seems ( thanks for informing me Di999 :) ) some pages can display the information differently than it was made/intended and sometimes even some parts of the texts are missing when playing in Microsoft Edge.

This whole riddle is made in FireFox and I don't force you to play in FireFox, but just in case you suspect a page is not correct when playing in another browser, check in FireFox.

I started making riddles way back in 2011 and have made a lot - click here to see them. Always with a large number of levels, a load of eggs and imho, a lot of humour. I have always used (apart from the beginning, to remind you of the basic riddle tricks again) very original ideas to construct each level.
Well, the same goes for this one. It's a big one (
111 levels + 11 bonus levels makes a total of 530 pages) and the core is original ideas and using your brain instead of knowing and using all kind of software and techniques. So;
No Audacity, no Photoshop, no Googling your arse off to find an obscure site with a very rare QR-reader and/or photo stereo viewer and/or very special Exif reader and/or whatever online usable or (
even worse) downloadable software program.
No Guessing, no Google-Guessing, no scrutinizing the Source to check if one freaking hex number/code is changed a tiny bit and/or wondering on every level; Do I have to change the extension to get a txt file, a wav file, a jpeg, a png, a gif, a zip or whatever shit.
No, no way! Everything you need is on the level and sometimes the picture name is a bit of a hint. All you need is your brain, sometimes a bit of Google (
but if so then the level is almost literally telling you where to look and sometimes you can even click a picture or button that will bring you to the page to use) and some very basic ciphers. That's all :)
Because I have always tried to be original in my ideas, it has been getting more and more difficult to make levels. So, I am 99.99% sure this will be my last one. It has given me a lot of pleasure for nearly 10 years, and I'm pretty sure the players have smiled and enjoyed them. However, the well is dry. Don't be sad. This riddle is the best I have ever created and will keep you busy for weeks, and possibly for months :P

GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN PLAYING (don't forget to make bookmarks and notes!)

CREDITS: Huge Thanks to Clio for Omega-Testing and writing the stories on two of the levels. THANKS :)

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